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When not charging, will your charger continue to be connected to the power supply, or will it be unplugged?

Edit:   Browse: Times  Date:2020-12-01

For the convenience of use, many people will always plug the charger into the power socket. Even if they do not charge, they do not disconnect the power supply. Professionals remind that this practice not only consumes electricity, but also shortens the life of the charger, and there are potential safety hazards.
Mobile charge
"When you don't charge, will your charger continue to be connected to the power supply or will it be pulled out?" recently, a reporter interviewed 25 citizens on this issue. Only 11 of them said that they would unplug the charger after using it, while the other 14 said that their mobile phones and computer chargers had been plugged into the socket for convenience, "My cell phone consumes a lot of electricity. I charge it almost every day, and the charger is always connected to the power supply." Ms. Su, a sales person in the enterprise, usually uses her mobile phone more frequently. She told reporters that at home, she usually plugs her mobile phone charger into the socket. When she needs to charge, she will connect her mobile phone. After charging, she directly takes off the mobile phone and rarely disconnects the charger and socket. And for their own laptop charger, in addition to going out to carry, most of the time is also basically connected to the plug-in board. Miss Su told many of her friends.
"It's actually a bad habit." During the interview, Mr. Zhan, who has many years of experience in maintaining mobile phones, told reporters that the charger connected to the socket did not seem to be connected to the mobile phone. In fact, it was still working and would consume electricity. Although the power consumption was not much, generally only a few hundred milliwatts, it was also a waste after all. "Moreover, if the charger is kept on for a long time, it will not only shorten the service life of the charger, but also have potential safety risks such as accidental electric shock. In particular, some substandard chargers produced by informal manufacturers may cause short circuit and fire due to heating." Therefore, Mr. Zhan believes that it is better to disconnect mobile phones and computers from the power supply after they are used or recharged, whether from the perspective of saving electricity or from the safety of electrical appliances.

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