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Don't want to shut down, battery life?

Edit:   Browse: Times  Date:2020-12-01

I think most of my friends still cherish the use of their iPhones. Now let's take a look at how to maintain the battery of the iPhone 4S, so that it can last longer and save more electricity!
Friends who use iphone4s know that there is a fatal problem with the iPhone 4S: the battery life is short. Sometimes we need to charge the iPhone 4S once a day, even half a day. If you often encounter this problem, you will feel upset. You may ask how to prolong the service life of the battery. In fact, the battery life of the iPhone 4S is relatively short, mainly due to the extra features of the iPhone 4S. Turn off these functions to extend the usage time. Let's see how to set it up?
1. Turn off set time zone
Set - Location Service - system service - set time zone and click close. Once the time zone setting function is turned off, your battery life can be increased by up to 40%.
2. It should be a common sense to keep low temperature. The higher the cell phone battery temperature, the more energy it consumes, the shorter the battery life. If you use your iPhone 4S in a hot climate, you should try to get your phone out of the heat and never leave it in your car. In addition, when your phone feels hot, it's better not to use it until the temperature drops, which can also help improve the battery life of your iPhone.
3. Turn off 3G and Bluetooth. Although both 3G and Bluetooth are useful features, they can quickly drain the battery power of the phone. In order to "extend" the battery life from the "two" feature. Of course, you can reactivate them when you need them.
To maximize battery life, you can also consider turning off WiFi settings. If you use this feature, your phone will continue to search for wireless signals, which will consume more battery power. And when you want to use it within a certain WiFi signal range, you can reactivate it to maintain battery life.
4. Turn off notification, which includes various Notifications: push notification, application notification, email read notification. All of this shortens battery life, so it's best to turn it off if you want your iPhone to have a longer battery life. You can still log in to various applications and update them, but you can't update them automatically, you can only manually. To turn off notifications, tap settings to edit each application.
In settings, click mail, address book, calendar, and then select get new data. Under get, change your settings to manual. This means that your phone doesn't regularly access new data from the mail server, only when you ask it.
5. Set the phone to ring mode
Some users think that setting the phone to vibrate mode will save power. In fact, sometimes vibration mode consumes more battery power. Therefore, it is more energy-saving to set the phone to ring mode. In setting - sound, turn off vibration.
6. Turning off GPS (Global Positioning System) will consume a lot of battery energy. If you use location-based services, like Facebook and twitter, your phone will consume more battery power. This doesn't mean that you can't use the map function in your phone. It just means that you can turn off the map function temporarily and activate it when you need to use it, which can better prolong the battery life. To turn off the service, please click "Settings", select "location service", and change it to "close". This will automatically disable all applications from using this function.
7. Do not use applications that contain large amounts of data
Unfortunately, this includes some interesting applications. Music, games and multimedia can all be seen as apps with lots of data, which are cutting the battery life of mobile phones at an alarming rate. If you really want to extend the battery life of your phone, try not to use it as much as possible when you can't charge it.
8. The screen darkens, which is like a laptop. The brightness of your iPhone 4S screen affects how long your battery power lasts. A bright screen naturally consumes more battery power. Change your screen brightness through the "Settings" option, and then click "Brightness", turn off the automatic brightness, manually adjust to the appropriate brightness.
9. Changing the auto lock setting will automatically lock the phone. The shorter the setting, the greater the energy saving. Click settings, general, and then select auto lock to change the setting to 1 minute or less

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