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Yuzhouralskaya GRES-2: Unit 1 connected to Russian power grid system

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On November 15, 2013, yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2 unit 1 was synchronously connected to the power grid during commissioning, achieving a milestone breakthrough.
Pavel khudyakov, deputy production director of niaep – ASE in charge of the South Ural SK division, said: "synchronization with the grid means that all systems of unit 1 are operating normally and the quality of equipment commissioning is high. The first test load of the generator set is 60 MW. The power generation equipment has been registered with the Russian Federal Bureau of ecology, technology and atomic energy (rostechnadzor) and reported to the regional dispatching authority. The preparation for the reliability operation of unit 1 is going on all day long. The next step is to carry out steam purging of HRSG at a load power of up to 100 MW, and dynamic test of combined cycle generator set (CCPP) with 420 MW power gain guaranteed. The precision testing of unit 1 is expected to be completed in November 2013. "
In preparation for the start-up of the first yuzhnuralskaya GRES-2 unit, niaep jsc-ase JSC, a joint company of Russia's state atomic energy company (Rosatom), is also gradually demonstrating its capability in the construction of thermal power generation facilities.
It is reported that ASE won the open competition in 2009 and won the general contract for the construction of unit 1 of yuzhnuralskaya GRES-2. On October 16, 2009, ASE signed a contract with the third generation company of the power wholesale market to construct yuzhoulalskaya GRES-2 power complex according to the EPC model. A total of 3 MW units (1 200 MW) are installed for each of the gruuraya power plants with a total capacity of 1 200 MW, including a power plant complex of 3 units per unit. The power plant is located five kilometers away from the yuzhnuralskaya GREs site, which is under construction.
In February 2012, ASE won the open competition for the construction of yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2 units 2 and 3. Contract No. 2, 2012, signed by the general contractor of electric power system (No. 2, 2012) and the general contractor of electric power system (No. 2) of Russia (No. 2) and aezha Electric Power System Co., Ltd.
In 2012, Russia's state atomic energy company decided to establish the joint company niaep JSC – ASE JSC.
The company is a leading enterprise in the field of nuclear energy engineering, providing nuclear power plant design, construction and decommissioning services in Russia and abroad, accounting for about 30% of the global nuclear power plant design and construction market share. At present, the company has 20 orders for generating units, which are designed and built in Russia and abroad at the same time.
In addition, the company's projects include the construction of RW and SNF, the construction of thermal and power engineering facilities, and the provision of full range of EPC, EPC (m) and PMC services for all integrated engineering facilities.
Niaep-ase is a developer and is actively integrating multi-D, an innovative project management system for the construction of comprehensive engineering facilities. Multi-D can make the management of time, quality and budget more efficient.

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